AAN Poster Picks – Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Here are Steven’s Poster Picks for Wednesday, May 8, 2019:

Multiple sclerosis

  1. Pregnancy: use of natalizumab (P4.2-093, P4.2-105), anti-CD20 therapies (P4.2-094), DMF (P4.2-095), outcomes with DMT exposure (P4.2-100), NfL levels (P4.2-092)
  2. Pediatric: OCBs (P4.2-104), cognitive impairment (P4.6-035)
  3. JCV Ab index (P4.2-009, P4.2-040)
  4. Rare adverse events – case reports: Ocrelizumab (P4.2-010), fingolimod (P4.2-011, P4.2-012, P4.2-016, P4.2-036), cladribine (P4.2-022), alemtuzumab (P4.2-027)
  5. Pharmacogenetics and cladribine (P4.2.044)


  1. Acute treatment: Ubrogepant (P4.10-021), lasmiditan (P4.10-022)
  2. Migraine prophylaxis: ACEIs and ARBs (P4.10-014), galcanezumab (P4.10-015), eptinezumab (P4.10-024)


  1. Phase III trials in AD (P4.1-001, P4.1-002)

Parkinson’s disease

  1. Phase III trials in parkinsonism (P4.1-011), in DLB (P4.1-012)
  2. Real-world treatment of PD dementia (P4.1-021)

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