AAN Poster Picks – Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Here are Steven’s Poster Picks for Tuesday, May 7, 2019:

Multiple sclerosis

  1. Progressive MS: Siponimod (P3.2-051), ocrelizumab (P3.2-031, P3.2-042), biotin (P3.2-038, P3.2-043, P3.2-063), ibudilast (P3.2-049)
  2. Neurofilament-light and DMTs: Fingolimod (P3.2-032), alemtuzumab (P3.2-045), ibudilast (P3.2-033), SCT (P3.2-039)
  3. Long-term data: DMF (P3.2-084), alemtuzumab (P3.2-037, P3.2-067), ocrelizumab (P3.2-054), IFNb-1b (P3.2-080), PEG-IFN-1a (P3.2-082)
  4. Sequencing studies (P3.2-050, P3.2-056, P3.2-070, P3.2-075, P3.2-103)
  5. Brain atrophy: DMF (P3.2-064)
  6. Real-world studies: DMF (P3.2-081)
  7. Clinical tips: Steroid resistance (P3.2-089)


  1. Epidemiology (P3.10-011, P3.10-017)

Parkinson’s disease

  1. Disability trajectories (P3.8-046)
  2. Cannabis use (P3.8-029)

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