AAN Poster Picks – Thursday, May 9, 2019


Here are Steven’s Poster Picks for Thursday, May 9, 2019:

Multiple sclerosis

  1. MRI predictors of disability (P5.2-001)
  2. Biomarkers: NfL and GFAP (P5.2-006, P5.2-007, P5.2-017, P5.2-021); OCBs (P5.2-014, P5.2-022)
  3. Lymphocyte kinetics: and alemtuzumab (P5.2-009)
  4. CIS and immune phenotype (P5.2-018)
  5. Sexual dysfunction (P5.2-089)
  6. Cannabis: in BC (P5.2-092), and spasticity (P5.2-100, P5.2-106)


  1. Post-traumatic headache (P5.10-006)
  2. Episodic cluster headache: epidemiology (P5.10-011) and treatment patterns (P5.10-015)

Seizure disorders

  1. Cannabidiol: Lennox Gastaut (P5.5-001), Dravet syndrome (P5.5-005), epilepsy (P5.5-007)


  1. Imaging and MCI (eposter P5.7-003)

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