AAN Poster Picks – Monday, May 6, 2019


Here are Steven’s Poster Picks for Monday, May 6, 2019:


  1. Long-term data for frenezumab (P2.10-002, P2.10-008, P2.10-015) and galcanezumab (P2.10-010)
  2. Safety of ubrogepant (P2.10-003, P2.10-009)

Parkinson’s disease

  1. Levodopa inhalation powder (P2.8-048): sublingual apomorphine (P2.8-053)
  2. Suicidal behaviour (P2.8-025)

Multiple sclerosis – Basic science

  1. Bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibition (P2.2-063, P2.2-077)
  2. Myelin-reactive CD8+ T cells (P2.2-065)
  3. DMF and IgG (P2.2-069), and GM-CSF-producing Th1 cells (P2.2-071)
  4. PPMS: and antibodies (P2.2-073); and NfL (P2.2-082); and CSF (P2.2-092)

Traumatic brain injury

  1. Brain volume loss (P2.9-045)
  2. Fluid/MRI biomarkers (P2.9-057)

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