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MS curiosities in a curious time


The following are some of the novelties, oddities and curiosities recently published in the multiple sclerosis literature.

HSCT and COVID-19: There is a new report of four MS patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the 6-31 months after receiving autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant (Gazca et al. Hematology 2020;25:320). Subjects (3F, 1M) were aged 39-54 years. Three contracted COVID-19 from a family member. Only 1 of 4 patients was hospitalized but did not require an ICU stay. No neurological complications of COVID-19 infection were reported. Read More


Molecular profiling of slowly expanding MS lesions


A new study has reported that the molecular and immune profile of slowly expanding lesions (SEL) in progressive multiple sclerosis is distinct from that of active demyelinating lesions that occur in the relapsing phase of MS (Jackle et al. Brain 2020;143:2073-2088; free full text at SELs are considered the pathological correlate of MS disease progression.

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