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McDonald criteria 2024: what changes can we expect?


The International Advisory Committee on Clinical Trials in MS convened in Barcelona on November 29 to discuss the latest round of revisions to the McDonald diagnostic criteria. The criteria were last revised in 2017 (Thompson et al. Lancet Neurol 2018;17:162-173). The in-person meeting followed a series of virtual meetings of the group in 2022 to discuss some of the issues not addressed in the 2017 criteria, such as the role of the visual system in diagnosis, the use of high-field MRI and which biomarkers can be used to support an MS diagnosis. Read More

First-line anti-CD20 therapy – the new standard of care in MS?



Over the past 15 years, most MS treatment trials have used an active control, which has generated substantial data with which to compare the efficacy and safety of starting treatment with a higher-efficacy versus lower-efficacy disease-modifying therapy (DMT). Read More