ECTRIMS Poster Picks – Wednesday, September 11


Wednesday, September 11, 2019 – Today’s poster session runs from 5:15-7:15 pm
Here are Steven’s Top poster topics at ECTRIMS for Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

Pregnancy and DMTs: Natalizumab (P409); Fingolimod (P411); anti-CD20 MAbs (P412, P413)
Biomarkers: Neurofilament-light (P564, P592); and DMF (P600)
Pathogenesis: Aging (P390); brain atrophy (P393); epigenetics (P481)
DMT effects on B cells: injectables/orals (P626, P627)
Phase III data: Siponimod (P382, P435); Cladribine (P385, P624, P633)
Long-term data: Alemtuzumab (P645, P651); Teriflunomide (P646); Dimethyl fumarate (P647); Glatiramer acetate (P656)
MSBase studies: MSSS and disability (P434); Cladribine (P661)

Interesting items:
• Prevalence of hypogammaglobulinemia (P407)
• Patient-determined disease steps (P433)
• Siponimod vs. Fingolimod (P622)
• Ocrelizumab safety (P648)
• Hepatitis B vaccination (P671)

Canadian research:
MOG disease (P368, P374); Pediatric MS (P379); Progressive MS (P382, P388, P640); Concussion (P396); Adherence (P400); Clinical course (P401); Therapeutic inertia (P447, P668); Depression (P466); Imaging (P535, P558); Cannabis (P542); Laboratory studies (P491, P499, P514); Immune senescence (P589); NMOSD (P603); Rehabilitation (P708, P713)

Watch for our daily report tomorrow.

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