ECTRIMS Poster Picks – Thursday, September 12


Thursday, September 12, 2019 – Today’s poster session runs from 5:15-7:15 pm
Here are Steven’s Top poster topics at ECTRIMS for Thursday, September 12.

Aging: and neuroimmune function (P876); and brain age (P898)
Spinal cord atrophy: Disability predictor (P905; P910); progressive MS (P906)
Cognition: and age (P943); longitudinal (P946)
Phase III data: Siponimod (P750); Alemtuzumab (P974)
Long-term data: Natalizumab (P1013); Fingolimod (P1014); Ocrelizumab (P1015); Beta-interferon-1b (P1016)
Anti-CD20 and immunoglobulins: P979, P1010
NEDA and MEDA: loss of MEDA (P1030); prognostic value (P1050); DMTs (P1070)
Biotin: P1002, P1003
Network meta-analysis: P981

Interesting items:
• DMT outcomes (P812)
• Use of gadolinium (P901)
• PML and ocrelizumab (P970)
• Nocebo effect (P989)
• Natalizumab extended-interval dosing (P1033, P1035)
• Therapeutic lag (P1048)

Canadian research:
Planned studies (P742, P753); Treatment adherence (P766); Predicting progression (P797); Laboratory studies (P856, P859); DMT studies of alemtuzumab (P974), Dimethyl fumarate (P999), Ocrelizumab (P1022), Siponimod (P1057); Cannabis (P900); NfL (P965); Case reports (P719, P731); MRI (P1079); Rehabilitation (P1074, P1076)

Watch for our daily report later today.

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