ECTRIMS Poster Picks – Friday, September 13


Friday, September 13, 2019 – Today’s poster session runs from 12:15-2:15 pm
Here are Steven’s Top poster topics at ECTRIMS for Friday, September 13, 2019.

SPMS: Physician perspective (P1090); diagnostic delay (P1117); prognostic factors (P1139)
Pregnancy/hormonal: prognosis (P1141); outcomes (P1145); cytokines (P1149); assisted reproduction (P1150)
Pregnancy and DMT exposure: Interferon (P1144); Teriflunomide (P1146, P1148); Dimethyl fumarate (P1147)
Gut microbiome: and prognosis (P1231); and Dimethyl fumarate (P1229)
Mitochondria: P1227, P1239
DMT studies: B cells and Cladribine (P1225); Natalizumab and NEDA (P1348); cognition and Dimethyl fumarate (P1396); DMF long-term data (P1397)
Network meta-analysis: P1394
Recommendations: Initial DMT choice (P1351)
Emerging treatments: Evobrutinib (P1358); Biotin (P1399)

Interesting items:
• Placebo cohorts (P1140)
• Cognitive relapses (P1155)
• Driving ability (P1308)
• Vitamin D and NfL (P1347)
• Beyond NEDA (P1415)

Canadian research:
Prodrome (P1124; P1153); Comparing DMTs (P1125); ADEM (P1176); Productivity (P1186); Comorbidity (P1198); Imaging studies (P1260, P1266, P1267, P1616, P1640); MS clinic utilization (P1136); DMT studies (P1356, P1393); Laboratory studies (P1236, P1248, P1318, P1655); Trial recruitment (P1132); Treatment decision-making (P1433)

Watch for our daily report later today.

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