ECTRIMS Poster Picks – Friday, October 12


Friday, October 12, 2018 – Poster Session 3 – 12:15 – 2:15 PM
Here are Steven’s Top 10 poster topics at ECTRIMS for Friday, October 12, 2018.

  1. Discontinuing DMDs: Big MS Data Network (P1195); in older patients (P1230)
  2. Safety studies: Injectables during lactation (P1004); ozanimod (P1196); ocrelizumab (P1229); dimethyl fumarate (P1234, P1251); fingolimod (P1228); natalizumab (P1232); teriflunomide (P1233); Peg-IFN-1a (P1236); alemtuzumab (P1240)
  3. Switching studies: Natalizumab to alemtuzumab (P1194); in progressive MS (P1212); from a second-line agent to alemtuzumab (P1213)
  4. Comparative studies: Orals vs. injectables (P1208); dimethyl fumarate vs. teriflunomide (P1215); oral vs. oral (P1265)
  5. Clinical trial analyses: SUNBEAM/RADIANCE (ozanimod) (P1191); CARE-MS (alemtuzumab) (P1235, P1239, P1258); CLARITY (cladribine) (P1204); TEMSO/TOWER/TENERE (teriflunomide) (P1205)
  6. Brain atrophy/black holes: Thalamic volume (P1114); with cumulative DMD exposure (P1188); with Peg-IFN-1a (P1262)
  7. NfL: During pregnancy (P1008); fluctuations over time (P1016); and MRI correlations (P1116); as predictor of progression (P1227)
  8. Lymphocyte depletion/reconstitution: Dimethyl fumarate (P1201, P1260); alemtuzumab (P1206)
  9. Late breakers: Phase II trial of evobrutinib (BTK inhibitor); satralizumab in NMOSD; MS-SMART trial of neuroprotective agents
  10. Clinical issues and observations: Predictors of severe MS (P982); B cells and sex differences (P1009); natalizumab extended dosing (P1242)

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