Biomarkers – evolving role of neurofilament light
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Biomarkers – evolving role of neurofilament light
Neurofilament light (NfL) is emerging as an important biomarker of axonal damage. Single-molecule array (Simoa) technology has enabled sampling of blood rather than CSF, broadening NfL research into neurological conditions in which lumbar puncture is not routinely performed. The prognostic value of NfL was evaluated in a study of 3765 MS patients and 1026 controls over a 5-year period (Manouchehrina et al. ECTRIMS 2018; abstract P378). The risk of reaching EDSS 3.0 was increased by 33% in MS patients with plasma NfL levels >50th healthy controls percentile; risk was increased 61% with levels >75th percentile.

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