ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS 2023 coverage


This year’s joint ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS congress was held on October 11-13 in Milan, Italy.  Click here for the Daily Highlights.

As in previous years, we are pleased to be working with Dr. Daniel Selchen, BARLO MS Centre, Toronto, to develop a slide deck of ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS highlights.

It is important to note that this year’s Highlights slide deck will not be posted on NeuroSens for download. Readers who wish to view the slides for self-study may send us their request by completing the online form. NeuroSens can also organize an event if you would like to use the slide deck for a small-group learning activity with your colleagues; sponsors who would like to organize an event are also welcome to make a request.  Let us know about your event and we will be happy to discuss the arrangements.

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