Selected highlights of ECTRIMS 2016
London, UK – 14-17 September 2016
31 slides

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Scientific review:
Dr. Daniel Selchen, Chief of Neurology, St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Key topics featured
• Environmental factors: vitamin D, smoking, alcohol, latitude effect
• Hormonal effects: androgens, estrogens
• MS variants: MOG Ab disorders
• Immunology: effect of treatments on lymphocyte subsets
• Treatment trials – RRMS: CARE-MS II, OPERA I/II, CLARITY
• Real-world/database studies: Canadian claims database, comparative studies, MSBase
• Progressive MS: Time to disability milestones, treatment lag, “no evidence of progression”, ORATORIO, EXPAND
• Physician and patient perspectives: “therapeutic inertia”, risk tolerance

All slides developed by NeuroSens in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Selchen

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