MS Sequencing: Part 4 – What is the treatment plan?


Comment by Dr. Daniel Selchen
NeuroSens survey on sequencing – Part 4

The doubling of therapeutic options over the past decade for the management of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) has made treatment decision-making considerably more complex. Most patients will require or request a change in medication over the first few years of treatment, so it is important to have a plan from the outset that will optimize outcomes and minimize risk. A good plan today, as General Patton is quoted as saying, is better than a perfect plan tomorrow, not least because of the innumerable unknowns about MS and its treatment.

It takes 30 seconds

What is your short-term goal when initiating a DMT in a patient with RRMS? (pick 1)

What is your long-term goal of treatment in a patient with RRMS? (pick 1)

What is the treatment plan for a newly-diagnosed RRMS patient?

If you determined that your RRMS patient was having a suboptimal response to a first-choice therapy, when would you most likely switch agents?

What is the plan for switching?

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