MS Sequencing: Part 2 – Treatment initiation


Comment by Dr. Michael Yeung
NeuroSens survey on sequencing – Part 2

Clinicians managing a newly-diagnosed patient with relapsing multiple sclerosis are faced with a welter of treatment options. In the past few years in Canada, platform therapies have expanded from the injectable BRACE to an injectable/oral CABARET: Copaxone, Avonex, Betaseron, Aubagio, Rebif, Extavia and Tecfidera.

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* What is the main factor at presentation that indicates to you that a patient is at high risk of disability progression?

* What DMT is your most common first choice?

* What is the main reason why is this your most common first-choice agent?

* What is your usual strategy when initiating a DMT?

* When you initiate a DMT, do you generally plan to switch therapies at a later date?

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