Dr. Daniel Selchen, Director of the Multiple Sclerosis clinic at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, hosts a discussion of highlights from the European Charcot Foundation meeting, held 24-26 November 2016 in Baveno, Italy.

The roundtable participants were Dr. Virender Bhan, Dalhousie University MS Research clinic, Halifax; Dr. Hyman Rabinovitch, University of Ottawa MS clinic, Ottawa; and Dr. Yves Lapierre, Montreal Neurological Hospital, Montreal.

Part 1: The group talks the strengths and limitations of using non-randomized controlled data to guide clinical decisions, and the merits of MEDA (minimal evidence of disease activity) as a benchmark of treatment success.

Part 2: The group discusses useful criteria for determining treatment failure, and strategies for sequencing therapies in clinical practice.

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