ECTRIMS Poster Picks – Thursday, October 11


Thursday, October 11, 2018 – Poster Session 2 – 5:15 – 7:15 PM
Here are Steven’s Top 10 poster topics at ECTRIMS for Thursday, October 11, 2018.

  1. Gut microbiome: Review (P678); immune trafficking (P739); MS onset (P770); effect of dimethyl fumarate (P960); intestinal barrier function (P854)
  2. Central vein sign: STAR MS (P650); in RIS (P804); in differential diagnosis (P815)
  3. Sexual dysfunction: P692
  4. Long-term DMT data: Dimethyl fumarate (P920); natalizumab (P881); alemtuzumab (P913); fingolimod (P916)
  5. Infections: Hepatitis E (P726); with rituximab (P925)
  6. Fertility, pregnancy and DMDs: PREG-MS study (P689); fertility and pregnancy outcomes (P936)
  7. Progressive MS trials: ORATORIO (ocrelizumab) (P910); siponimod (P911)
  8. Lymphocyte kinetics: Alemtuzumab and Bregs (P872); alemtuzumab and autoimmunity (P880); dimethyl fumarate and lymphopenia (P929, P931); after fingolimod/alemtuzumab (P935)
  9. Physician behaviour: Misdiagnosis (P656); use of higher-efficacy DMDs (P868); risk tolerance (P968)
  10. Clinical issues and observations: Two-minute walk (P707); natalizumab-to-ocrelizumab switch (P933); natalizumab wearing-off effect (P877); HDL cholesterol after fingolimod/DMF (P944)

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