DMF: the Canadian MS patient experience


A majority of MS patients currently treated with dimethyl fumarate (DMF) state that their therapy is as easily tolerated as other disease-modifying therapies, according to the results of a recent online survey. The survey was conducted in December 2017-February 2018 on MSology, the sister site of NeuroSens. MSology provides news and resources to MS patients, and attracts about 35,000 visitors per year (

The 21-item survey asked patients currently treated with DMF about their experiences with the drug. All of the Canadian respondents (n=48) were current or recent DMF users. A majority of respondents were female (96%), aged 41 years or older (81%). Forty-percent were previously untreated, and 60% had been on a prior injectable DMT. Most had been taking DMF for 2-5 years (73%).  Self-rated wellness was Excellent (10%), Very good (42%), Adequate (35%), and as Poor/Very bad (13%).

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