MS Sequencing: Part 8 – MS therapies in practice: Reader survey results


Comment by Dr. Daniel Selchen

Over the past year, NeuroSens has explored some of the clinical considerations when sequencing therapies in patients with relapsing-remitting MS. The series reviewed the mechanisms of action of disease-modifying therapies in targeting T and B lymphocytes (Part 1), initiating treatment (Part 2), evaluating treatment response (Part 3), treatment planning throughout the disease course (Part 4), lateral switching versus escalation (Part 5), safety considerations (Part 6), and general principles when sequencing therapies (Part 7). The series attracted over 1,000 page-views (as such things are measured online),

With each installment, we surveyed readers about their approach to sequencing, and their perceptions of the injectable, oral and infusion agents currently available to treat RRMS. The following is a summary of our readers’ responses.

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